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Vogue Magazine Talks about Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted October 07, 2010 in Breast LipoStructure, Home, Liposuction deformities, Media

This is an excerpt from an article named “BLOW UP” in Vogue Magazine October 2010, about fat grafting for changing body contours featuring the developer of LipoStructure, Sydney Coleman, a New York City Plastic Surgeon.


by Catherine Piercy

“For bigger jobs, fat grafting by injection—reinjecting one’s own fat into areas that have steadily deflated with time—is emerging as an exciting recontouring tool.

Once something of a fringe procedure, fat grafting was pioneered by Coleman in the mid-eighties, when the emergence of liposuction meant that large volumes of fat were suddenly available.  These days, surgeons travel from around the world to learn his trademark LipoStructure technique.  And while pharmaceutical giants are racing to develop synthetic counter-parts for big-picture recontouring—like Macrolane, the hyaluronic acid-based filler that has received mixed reviews in Europe, where it’s approved for use—plastic surgeons agree that the unique advantages of fat, which is easily recognized by the body and, once grafted, may last anywhere from several years to a lifetime, make it

a particularly appealing body-sculpting medium.”

Buttock Augmentation before (left) and one year after one fat injection session
Before (left) and eight months after correction of liposuction deformity of the hips and abdomen

…in its present incarnation, doctors agree that fat grafting offers some uncommon advantages…to address common liposuction deformities, a corrective dose of fat can restore feminine angles and lost definition to overtreated arms, abdomens, or thighs…fat grafting to the posterior can add back some significant lift.  For an extra boost, a few c.c.s in the crease where your bottom meets your thigh pushes everything out and up.”

6 years after one injection of fat into the left buttock crease, a remarkable change of the relationship between the thigh and the leg is created by LipoStructure

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