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I was looking at Dr. Sydney Coleman’s profile on the internet and was shocked by some of the terrible reviews Dr. Coleman received. I had to write this letter and state the facts as they are and the truth which has not been written. Eight years ago I had a face lift with one of the top plastic surgeons in New York; he is always written up in every magazine and appears on TV. The surgery did not go well and the Dr. left me with bumps under my eyes. When I went back to the plastic surgeon, he was arrogant, cold and really did not give a damn, and told me that was all he could do for me. I went all over New York trying to find someone who would help me. Finally, I went to Dr. Roy Geronemus, Director of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center in New York. He told me he could not help me, but there was only one doctor in New York who could, and his name was DR. SYDNEY R. COLEMAN.  After seeing Dr. Coleman, he suggested I take fat from my stomach and put some under my eyes. It has been five years since I had surgery performed by him, and I am happy with the results and still go to him for other procedures. Dr. Coleman is not only knowledgeable, but will do what he knows will work, and enhance your appearance.

I find Dr. Coleman to be best doctor. Besides his expertise and knowledge, he is the most caring surgeon I have met. His is so professional, but you can call and see him anytime; after a procedure is done he always has time for you. How many doctors can you say would do that? I cannot believe anyone could write the nasty things they did about Dr. Coleman, I am a person who can afford to go anywhere and am not an easy person to please, and I have been going to him for five years. Dr. Coleman is getting untrue reviews. I feel it is time someone stands up and states the facts as they are. You can Facebook me anytime with questions and I would love to address them. Thank you.

-Michele G

“Dr. Coleman has done a wonderful job correcting cheek asymmetries that resulted from facial fractures using his fat grafting techniques. His superior perception of facial volume and topography and his exquisitely precise graft placement has resulted in a smooth, well balanced and supple result with grafts that have held their volume nearly 2 years post-operatively.”

– J.P., Medical Doctor

“I feel more beautiful because something unwanted is gone.”

“I try to be thin. I exercise and try to eat healthy. No matter how hard I try, however, there are always places on my body that stubbornly like to be pudgy. These places included my face and my thighs. Unfortunately, it’s in my genes to have extra fat in those places and no matter how hard I fight to get rid of it, it would be there. Dr. Colemen saw such areas and attended to them. He got rid of unwanted fat that I myself could not. Now, I feel more beautiful because something unwanted is gone. It helps me to focus on the pretty parts of my body instead of worrying about what’s ugly. I think it’s wonderful that there are ways and people to help someone feel better, especially when it’s something the person can’t seem to fight on their own.”

– Dallas D., New York, Student

“I have had several facial fat grafting procedures with Dr.Coleman and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The fat has appeared to remain permanently over the years, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The fat grafting procedures have given me a youthful, natural look. I also had fat grafting to increase the volume of the breasts, which turned out wonderfully as well. Dr. Coleman is a true artist, and an extremely professional and detail oriented surgeon. I wouldn’t trust my face (or body) in the hands of any other cosmetic surgeon. Also, Dr.Coleman’s staff are terrific and very professional.”

– Danielle, New York

“I believe that I was one of Dr. Coleman’s earliest Lipostructure patients, having had my first procedure in 1992. (although I don’t believe it was called Lipostructure then)

At the time, I was seeking an alternative to the traditional face-lift, which I had never viewed as an ideal solution to facial aging. Instinctively, I believed that facial aging needed to be addressed by something other than merely pulling the skin tighter. It seemed to me that something was needed to help restore the loss of tissue that gives the face its youthful contours and my sense was that the body’s own fat would be least likely to cause any kind of problem.

All well and good. Unfortunately, in 1992 the vast majority of procedures being done with fat were less than satisfactory. In fact, the collective thinking at the time was that “fat transfer reabsorbs unevenly and, in most cases, lasts no longer than collagen and is, therefore, not worth the extra time and trouble”

But I’m not one to give up. After much research I found Dr. Coleman, who claimed that he had developed a technique to make permanent structural changes to the face using the body’s own fat. Essentially, he felt that his new “three-dimensional” approach offered a safer, more natural and aesthetically pleasing approach to facial rejuvenation. I took a big leap of faith, had the procedure, and happily discovered that all of his claims were true. I subsequently have had two more procedures from Dr. Coleman and wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else.

I’m in my early 60’s now and it’s been over 10 years since my last procedure. (I’m overdue for another one) Even still, noone ever comes close to guessing my age – all of which I attribute to Dr. Coleman’s artistry. I think that perhaps the added fat in my face has helped it retain some of its youthful “glow” that I note is not present in faces that have had the traditional face-lift. Whatever it is, I’m a very satisfied patient.”

– Joy B., New York

“My association with Dr. Coleman and his fat transfer process commenced in March 2000 after I had thoroughly researched various ways to enhance my thinning facial profile. As a 41 year-old professional fitness trainer I was concerned that I was becoming too skeletal looking but I did not want to opt for more traditional means such as a face lift or artificial fillers.

At the conclusion of my first engagement, I was initially quite swollen and bruised, nevertheless, within a few months I was pleased with the results and thankful that I was left without visual scars which are inherent in many alternate measures. I have returned to Dr. Coleman on two other occasions so that he could address secondary areas which have surfaced since my initial visit. During each process, I have been treated with the utmost professionalism as his staff is sensitive to both my emotional and physical needs and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every question is answered and ever need addressed.

In sum, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Coleman’s practice as he is a true professional who is dedicated to the intricate details that are presented by each and every patient.”

– CMD, Virginia

“It is usually difficult to express accolades of any person. When it comes to Dr. Sydney Coleman it becomes an easy task.

Dr. Coleman has operated on me several times and has essentially restructed my face in such a natural manner that I have been able to improve my appearance beyond my expectations. I feel that my face is naturally youthful and the results of my fat implants have returned my youth. I also had fat implants on my neck and hands and without any other plastic surgery, have noticed that I appear 15 years younger.

My husband is an ophthalmologist and also performs blepharoplastic surgery. He was truly amazed at the results that I achieved with a minimal amount of surgery and with the fat implants injected around my eyes. My husband and I cannot recommend any other physician who has the natural ability to do this type of procedure as well as Dr. Coleman.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sydney Coleman at any time for any procedure that he performs. Dr. Coleman is truly a gifted surgeon.”

– Florence S., New Jersey

“The results of a traditional facelift left my face devoid of fat, looking unnatural and unhealthy. Dr. Coleman was able to reverse these effects with Lipostructure. The results of the procedure are outstanding. I have regained the look of my younger years, beyond my expectations. While the swelling and recovery time, from Lipostructure, are greater than with other procedures, the results warrant the process. My only regret is that I didn’t learn about Lipostructure sooner.”

– Nancy H., New York

“I had my LipoStructure face procedure performed on 12/27/05 and I must confess that my recovery was so slow, I thought, never to see my face looking normal again. Then all of a sudden, just like Dr. Coleman promised, the swelling and bruising are mostly gone and of as today’s date 3/21/06, I do have minor swelling and slight bruising but, for the most part , I finally feel great about myself and people around me love the results, as well.


My total experience with Tribeca Plastic Surgery Facility was always positive. During my recovery I had constant doubts and concerns and I did frequent the office more then usual. The staff and the doctors were always patient and accommodating to all my emotional and physical needs.”

– Sandy, New York

“Thank you for your professionalism, your sensitivity and above all, your expertise delivery of results. In 2000 I came to you with severe acne scars; you sat down with me, carefully explained your recommendations and walked through the procedure. I was so happy with the outcome and have recently come back for additional surgery. Your staff is very friendly and caring, I always felt completely comfortable. I am truly grateful, thank you.”

– Christopher, Corporate Public Relations

“Just going to Dr. Coleman’s office makes my day. He is a skilled, caring surgeon who’s integrity level is so high. I am so pleased with my results. I would use him again for anything. My skin has never looked better. It’s the best money I ever spent.”

– Sherry, New York City

“I just wanted to write you this letter to express how thankful I am. Back in 2001 when I first walked in your office, I was scared; and never thought you would be able to make me look as good as you have. For a whole year I was so depressed looking in the mirror, but you have changed that. Thank you, I am so happy. I live so far away, but I would never go anywhere else, nor would I ever let anyone touch my face but you. I will continue to tell all my friends and family how great you are because you changed my life…thank you again.”

– Sandra, Michigan

“I came to Dr. Coleman at age 38, looking 45 or older. I also had severe acne scarring coupled with surgical scars from previous, unsuccessful corrective surgeries. Dr. Coleman performed lipostructure on my facial scarring and on other, prematurely aged areas of my face. Today, most of my acne scars are gone and, at age 41, I don’t look a day over 35. Most importantly, however, I no longer hide at home, consumed with anxiety over my haggard and disfigured appearance. Instead, I leave the house each day feeling confident about the way I look and able to focus on the outside world and what I want to achieve in it. Lipostructure has improved not only my physical appearance but my overall quality of life.”

– Karen, Retired, New Jersey

“I have found Dr. Coleman to be a highly credentialed medical professional who possesses the artistic sensitivities and awareness of a sculpture. He is constantly looking for ways to improve and refine his art, which is why I trust him to reduce the tell-tale signs of aging on my face, which has enabled me to feel happier and more confident about my appearance.”

– Marion, New York

“My before an after pictures speak for themselves, so I guess that’s all I have to say. I just want to thank Dr. Coleman and everyone else in Tribeca Plastic Surgery for your professionalism.”

– Barbara, Art Dealer, Mexico

“I was referred to Dr. Coleman by a physician who said that as I grow older, my eyes will continue to appear more sunken, and my face was beginning to be gaunt. He highly recommended Dr. Coleman as the pioneer of lipostructure and as a person who could “fix” my growing problem. Indeed, after a partial treatment, my eyes and my face appear much fuller and more youthful. Since I am in the public constantly, I could not afford sufficient healing time to have everything that Dr. Coleman recommended done, but I most definitely plan to return for more. The change is subtle but significant. Yesterday I was asked if I were in my early forties, and I am 57! Dr. Coleman is more than a physician; he is an artist is his ability to visualize and design what a person wants. He listens carefully and shows great care in planning how to achieve the desired results. As soon as my work schedule allows, I am planning to return to Dr. Coleman to complete the process.“

– Entertainer, North Carolina

“It was a wonderful experience! I just turned 60 and after a facelift with another doctor, I still had thin lips and still had all the vertical lines.

Dr. Coleman recontoured my lips and got rid of all of the lines. The shape is totally natural. It took 15 years off my lower face. He is really restored the bottom of my face. I am totally delighted. I cannot say enough on how great my lips look and how great I feel!”

– Susan, New York

“I am in the beauty industry and I see lots of plastic surgery. Good or bad, there are always scars and a facelift only works the first time around. What makes Dr. Coleman’s technique different is that it can turn back the clock a decade without any cutting. 10 years later it can be repeated with similar results. Lipostructure has restored the youthful fullness to my face, the kind I used to have when I was younger. In addition, my skin is smoother as well, because it has been filled out. All this without scars! I have had 2 procedures with Dr. Coleman, twelve years ago and a year and a half ago. Each time I am amazed at the long lasting natural looking results. No one can ever guess my real age, thanks to Dr. Coleman!”

– Johanna, Beauty Industry, Florida

I have a systemic disease called discoid lupus which involves sub-dermal fat and collagen in certain areas of the body, leaving very noticeable depressions and scaring. I had had an abdominal fat graft placed about 15 years ago but it was totally reabsorbed. Dr. Coleman performed lipostructure in Jan 2004 and Jan 2005. The abdominal fat was injected on both sides of my face. Around 40% was reabsorbed after 3 to 5 months of the first procedure, but there has been evident improvement, since jan 2005 Given that lupus is an active process that cannot be cured, I am very satisfied to see that this procedure has worked so well.

– Maria, Columbia

I was in a serious accident in 1995 which rendered my left gluteus muscle paralyzed. After five years of atrophy, the majority of the tissue was lost. Thanks to Dr. Coleman and his lipostructure procedure, the tissue loss is almost completely restored. I now feel confident when wearing a bathing suit thanks to Dr. Coleman’s remarkable procedure.

– Ann, Aesthetician, Florida

My two facial Liposculpture sessions by Sydney Coleman have exceeded my high expectations. I am a busy plastic surgeon who occasionally appears on television. My goal was to diminish the depressed cheek scarring from Acne and soften some of the atrophy of aging, especially on camera. His lipoaugmentation achieved an 80% correction. Not only am I frequently told how much better I look, but there is a softer texture to my face. I am both a student and collegial friend of Sydney and I found the entire experience educational and worthwhile. I am surprised at my improved self esteem. Again he proves himself the consummate master of LipoStructure.

– Dr. H., Plastic Surgeon, Pennsylvania

Another surgeon who performed surgery for my drooping eyelids had removed too much fat and skin. After multiple surgeries to allow my eyes to close completely, my lids were scarred and my eyes looked hollowed out. The lid crease had actually moved to right below my eyebrows. I was also very uncomfortable with dry eyes. Dr. Coleman performed two procedures to add fat and reshape the area below my eyebrows. In addition to restoring the appearance of normal eyelids, I no longer have a problem with dry eyes. I had researched all possibilities before seeing Dr. Coleman and am convinced that Lipostructure is the only procedure that could have given me a successful result.

– Eileen, System Analyst, Maryland

“I met Dr. Coleman in 2003. Before discovering Dr. Coleman, I had several skin peels and dermabrasions for various facial scars all performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon encouraged me to continue the procedures thinking the next one would “do the trick”. Overtime this philosophy left my face sullen, pigmented and stripped of the tops layers of skin. I finally went to another plastic surgeon for a second opinion. He looked at my sullen face and suggested Dr. Coleman. This plastic surgeon attended a seminar where Dr. Coleman presented his research on lipostructure. He suggested that I get a consultation from Dr. Coleman as he feared the procedures being performed on my face were leaving me with a new kind of facial deformity.

I had a consultation with Dr. Coleman who explained his LipoStructure technique in great detail. I remember his extensive picture taking of my face and his explanation of harvesting, purifying and then placing fat taken from other parts of my body (in my case my inner thighs) into my face for restructuring and contouring. At every step in the process, he explained in detail the expectations, risks and how the healing processes would evolve over time. He explained that it sometimes took a few procedures to get the fat interspersed correctly through out my face and that it was a very delicate procedure that needed a healing curve to optimize the results. Basically, the procedure needs a patient to be patient.

The procedure itself is not painful. You are under sedation/anesthesia by a licensed anesthesiologist and wake up with bandages on the areas where fat was removed and where it was re-deposited. His office staff is helpful and gives very clear directions as to how to care for the areas post operatively. Once the bandages are removed then the healing process begins. As a pharmacist, I can tell you that the healing curve is very patient specific. Some people bruise easier than others and some require more time for swelling to subside so there is no exact timeline for these healing steps. Most importantly since they are regulated by your own body clock, the steps can not be rushed. Also, if there is one point to reinforce is that you must follow directions given by the staff. For example, after a period of time, ice is not warranted nor is the use of steroids helpful to decrease any swelling. The swelling will go away over time and can not be rushed. I think that this is the hardest part that some find annoying and at times disconcerting. I found it helpful not to keep looking in the mirror – waiting for instant results because the results do not come instantly but rather evolve through a rejuvenating process, restoring what was loss through aging or in my case trauma. Over time the rejuvenating results are apparent. There is swelling, bruises, redness in the eyes and even a little discomfort post the procedure, but as time goes by all disappear and the results of the procedure are natural and rejuvenating.

The transplanted fat feels like normal body structures. If the transplanted fat is near bone or cartilage then it feels like bone or cartilage. The LipoStructure system feels natural to the touch. Using this technique, Dr. Coleman refined and restructured my face but most importantly brought back myself confidence. Would I do it again? Yes. It changed my life and gave me the self confidence I needed to reach my goals.“

– Helen, Pharmacist