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Update on Coleman Fat Grafting to the Nose

Posted March 07, 2011 in Coleman Technique for Fat Grafting, Facial Reconstruction, Fat Grafting

You may remember this person who I showed you on my blog 2 ½ years ago (at that time she was only one year after her first procedure). She returned to my office for a Zeltiq treatment, extremely satisfied with her appearance now. I was able to obtain photographs of her that are now one year after her second (and final) nasal procedure with me.

She had been operated upon by some of the most famous nasal surgeons in the world. One year after her second procedure, you can see remarkable softening of the irregular cartilages along with an apparent thickening of the skin over the entire nose.

Patient presented after 12 procedures which left her as a nasal cripple (left) with irregular cartilage, bone and GorTex visible through her thin nose skin.  Placement of LipoStructure® over the entire surface of the nose from brows to the tip transforms her nose (right)
One year after her second fat grafting procedure her nose finally looks normal (right)

A thin layer of fat placed immediately beneath the skin creates support for the skin and covers irregularities from visible pieces of cartilage and bone.  Concentration of the fat grafts into specific areas may improve the light reflex down the middle of the nose or change the proportion of one part of the nose to another.

Written by the office staff at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

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