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Tuberous Breast Correction Using Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted June 01, 2012 in Breast LipoStructure

How Can We Correct a Tuberous Breast?

Correction of a tuberous breast is a difficult problem that can best be solved in a natural manner with Coleman fat grafting instead of silicone breast implants or more invasive surgery.  The transplanted fat is layered under the skin with an emphasis on placing a greater volume in the lower pole (lower third of the breast).  This stretches out the tight band of skin associated with tuberous breasts so that a more natural downward sloping curve is created.

The key to tuberous breast correction with transplanted fat is to change the relative proportion of the nipple/areolar area to the rest of the breast, so that there is more fullness in the surrounding areas and less fullness behind the nipple and areola.  In the diagram below a tuberous breast is represented on the left, and tuberous breast corrected with fat grafts on the right.  Note that the yellow pearls of transplanted fat are located under the skin up to the areola.  However, no fat is located in the breast tissue or under the areola or nipple.

Side view of tuberous breasts demonstrating correction with placement of fat grafts deep to the skin but not under the areola
Front view of left breast showing placement up to areola but not under the nipple or areola in order to change the relative proportion of the breast.

No fatty tissue is placed deep to the areola or nipple, only under the surrounding skin envelope.  The structural fullness from the fat placed under the skin causes expansion of  the outer portion of the breast and “overwhelms” the large nipple  -areolar complex.  The nipple-areolar complex effectively “shrinks” as the surrounding skin enlarges.  This change in relative proportion creates a more natural-appearing and shapely breast, especially with expansion of the lower pole.

Sometimes more than one procedure is required to achieve the desired effect.  We often suggest the use of the BRAVA device before and after surgery to maximize the breast “envelope” or space into which fat can be grafted.

Insurance may cover part of the costs of the procedure.

–Written by the Staff at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

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