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Treatment of Biceps Muscle Tear with Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted March 29, 2012 in Body Fat Grafting, Coleman Technique for Fat Grafting, Extremity reconstruction, Fat Grafting

Most often, people tear their biceps from a traumatic fall, during heavy weightlifting, or during sporting activities.  Long-term impairment can include a significant decrease in strength when flexing the shoulder and elbow.  It can also influence grip strength and certain movements of the forearm.  Dr. Sydney Coleman has been treating biceps muscle tears for twenty years. Treatment with Coleman fat grafting not only restores the form of a biceps but also can help restore some strength.

The above patient experienced a right biceps tear four years ago.  He was curling a free-weight when he had a pain in his biceps and noticed “bubbling” of his biceps.  He had no treatment of the tear, and it gradually atrophied to leave a deformity (left photo above).  One year after the second placement of structural fat into the biceps (right photo above and below), the patient returns delighted not only because of the normal appearance, but also because he feels that his strength has returned to the involved biceps. 

The return of strength to the biceps is a remarkable phenomenon that is probably related to the repair possible with grafted fat.  This is an area of regenerative medicine deserving the utmost attention and research.  Dr. Coleman has also used Coleman fat grafts in pectoralis muscles, forearms, calves, and thighs.

–Written by the Staff at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

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