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Sydney Coleman starts Tweeting

Posted January 20, 2012 in Coleman Technique for Fat Grafting, Dr. Sydney R. Coleman, Fat Grafting, Fat Grafting Research

In Anticipation of New Website, Syd Coleman Starts Tweeting

The completely renovated website will be online by early February. In anticipation, I will begin tweeting from on a regular basis at Syd Coleman @lipostructure to inform people of the potential of LipoStructure® and advances in the use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and adipose derived stem cells.

LipoStructure® is the particular brand of fat grafting developed by me in the late 1980’s and now used worldwide. As fat grafting has become more popular, people have noted that the fat does more than fill; it can repair and rejuvenate the tissues into which it is placed.

Recent scientific studies have determined that fat tissue has the highest concentration of stem cells of any tissue in the body. These “stem cells” appear to repair damage in our bodies. I have seen improvement in skin quality and scarring in my own patients over the last two decades.

Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is the name for fat tissue with the fat cells removed. The SVF is composed of a very high concentration of stem cells.  Research is ongoing to determine the benefits of SVF in treating a variety of conditions seen in plastic surgery and many other medical specialties.

Sydney Coleman, MD