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Sydney Coleman Interviewed for Stem Cell Facelift Using Structural Fat Grafting

Posted July 06, 2010 in Home, Natural Facial Rejuvenation

New York City Plastic Surgeon Sydney Coleman Discusses His Experience with the “Stem Cell Facelift”

A recent article in Cosmetic Surgery Times discusses the effect of concentrated, grafted fat to repair aging and sun-damaged skin.  In the article, Dr. Coleman, the pioneer in structural fat grafting, noted that “grafted fat not only provided added volume, but also appeared to reinvigorate surrounding facial tissue, seemingly making it thicker, rosier and generally more youthful-looking.”

Dr. Coleman first began discussing this effect in 1994 at national and international plastic surgery meetings.  Today, there is evidence that the effect of the fat is at least in part due to the presence of stem cells in the fat designed to repair injuries to our body.  The article notes that Dr. Coleman prefers to think of these hard-working cells as repair cells rather than stem cells.  “Fat is not just a storage organ, it is a repair organ. It supplies repair cells that mend bone or skin or whatever part of the body it is called on to help,” Dr. Coleman says in the article. “If you put fat under sun-damaged, aging skin, then (apparently) it perceives that there is a problem, and it is directed by messengers or growth factors to repair the aging skin.”

Before (left) and 3 years & 6 months after (right) one facial fat grafting

In the article, he further said that “A facelift removes the signs of aging, whereas, fat grafting — by restoring volume and then by repairing the damage that is present — actually moves a patient closer to youth than often a facelift does, because the absence of a wrinkle is not the presence of youth.” He further points out that this a completely natural method of rejuvenation without any scars or medications.

Before (above) and after (below) a thin layer of fat grafts to the lower lids. Please note the remarkable improvement in texture, color and pore size of the skin.

Furthermore, through scientific research, Dr. Coleman has verified a method of concentrating fat to remove the oily components and increase the concentration of stem cells and growth factors.  This gives the effect of rejuvenation of the skin with only a very thin layer of refined fat.  Dr. Coleman has used the same effect to treat radiation injuries as well as trauma to the arms, legs and head.

The New York Times wrote about the effect that a thin layer of fat has on the back of  hands, and the photographs in the article demonstrate progressive improvement of the quality of skin over eight years after only one treatment of fat grafting.  For more information on the effect of a thin layer of fat grafts to rejuvenation and repair hands, please click here.

To read the Cosmetic Surgery Times article on the use of fat grafts with stem cells for rejuvenation, please click here.

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