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Reconstruction of legs, thighs, buttocks, arms and forearms with Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted June 01, 2009 in Extremity reconstruction, Home

Injuries, birth defects and even surgeries can leave scars, depressions and significant deformities to the fat, skin and muscles of the legs, thighs, buttocks, arms and forearms. The type of fat grafting pioneered by Dr. Sydney Coleman is a new tool that is being used more and more by plastic surgeons for reconstruction of the limbs. Fat grafts can be used in the treatment of not only volume deficiencies, but also scars and even functional muscle problems.

Coleman Fat Grafting used to correct depressed scar on thigh
Coleman Fat Grafting used to correct depressed scar on thigh

Obviously, simple depressed scars and volume deficiencies can often be treated with structural fat grafting, with not only an improvement of the missing volume, but also an improvement in the surface scar.  Even more complex injuries resulting in missing muscle or fat from major accidents or injuries can be treated with fat grafting.  Examples of devastating injuries which can be treated with fat are motor vehicle accidents or even attacks from dogs or other animals. Traditional surgical correction of such injuries can be amazingly complex, sometimes resulting in even deeper scars, re-positioned muscles and new deformities.  A prime example of such an elaborate reconstruction was recently performed by Dr. Sydney Coleman in New York City on a dog attack victim.

One of potentially important reasons for using fat grafts in such wounds is the stem cell and growth factors present in fat grafts.  Not only can the structural fat replace the missing fullness, but also there may be a component of accelerated healing mediated by fatty tissue.

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More examples of correction of limb deformities using Dr. Coleman’s specific technique can be found at

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