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New Procedure for Lightening Dark Eyelid Circles with Your Fat

Posted August 12, 2010 in Ancillary Beauty Treatments, Home, Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Finally, a Solution for Raccoon Eyes!

There is now a solution for dark pigmentation of eyelids.  Dr. Sydney Coleman at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery in New York City has developed a new method for grafting fat which not only smoothes eyelids but also lightens dark circles.

The new technique involves placement of a very thin layer of stem-cell rich concentrated autologous fat (your own fat harvested from a donor site in your abdomen, thigh or lovehandle).  As the skin and underlying tissue heal after grafting, the skin color, thickness, tone and quality change dramatically, as can be seen in these before and after photos.

Patient had dark circles around her eyes before (left); After one application of specially processed fat grafts her pigmentation appears normal. Please note the lightening of not only the lower eyelid, but also the upper eyelid. Click on photos for larger images.
Before (left above and below) and after (right) one treatment of upper and lower eyelids with a newly developed approach to fat grafting. Note lightening of darkly pigmented skin around eyes. The upper photographs were taken with a standard flash; the lower comparison was taken using a ring flash.

Dark eyelid pigmentation is one of the most common cosmetic problems for women and men, and one for which there has been little help.  There are a plethora of creams on the market which claim to improve dark circles, but with little proven relief.  Darker-skinned individuals are particularly prone to the problem of very darkly pigmented skin not only under the eye, but also around the entire eye, causing them to appear perpetually sleep-deprived.

Dr. Coleman’s procedure is usually done under light, “twilight-“ type anesthesia, and takes about an hour.  He places the concentrated fat with special tiny instruments through puncture sites through the skin.  There is bruising and swelling afterwards, which can usually be hidden by sunglasses.  The bruising can last for three weeks or more, and the change in skin color may take a few months to evolve.  Patients feel the wait is worth the effort, and are thrilled with the results.

Dr. Coleman warns that this procedure is not for everyone or for every type of darkness around the eyes.  Please call TriBeCa Plastic Surgery at +1 212 571 5200 for more information.

.Written by the office staff at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

Read about Dr. Coleman’s development of these special procedures in Cosmetic Surgery Times.

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