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Male Buttock Augmentation with Coleman Fat Grafts

Posted March 08, 2011 in Body Fat Grafting, Coleman Technique for Fat Grafting, Fat Grafting

Dr. Coleman in New York City Seeing an Increase in Fat Grafting to Buttocks in Men

Dr. Coleman began enlarging female buttocks in the late 1980’s but recently witnessed an increasing demand in men.  The procedure involves three steps: harvesting fat, refining fat, and meticulous placement.  Removing fat from the love handles, sides or abdomen and transplanting it to the buttock changes a flat contour into a more athletic silhouette.

Buttock Augmentation in a Male Profile
This man presented with a flat backside(left). Eleven months (right) after one procedure of removing the fat from his love handle/back area and layering into the buttock, re-shaping a flat backside into a much more athletic appearing profile.
Male Buttock Enlargement posterior oblique view
Before (left) and eleven months (right) after one fat transfer from the lovehandle to the buttock. This demonstrates the potential to dramatically re-shape the back and buttock with one procedure. Note the improvement in the buttock crease.
Male buttock enhancement front oblique view
Removing from the back, side and abdomen combined with addition to the buttock transforms this man’s body in one procedure with tiny incisions.

–Written by the office staff at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

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