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Hand Rejuvenation with Coleman Fat Grafting Now More Affordable

Posted February 04, 2013 in Coleman Technique for Fat Grafting, Dr. Sydney R. Coleman, Hand and Forearm Rejuvenation, Minimally Invasive and Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Fat grafting using one’s own body fat can improve the quality and thickness of skin on the back of the hand and hide those emerging veins and tendons (see previous blog posts and LipoStructure Website).  It’s a simple, relatively painless hand rejuvenation procedure, made even easier recently, by advances in instrumentation and technique. Dr. Sydney Coleman has been rejuvenating hands with fat grafting since 1989, but by using a different approach to placement, he has been able to shave time off of the procedure and yet give the same rejuvenating effect on the back of the hand. Using the Coleman fat grafting technique (aka LipoStructure®) fat is gently harvested by hand from an appropriate donor site (usually the abdomen or thighs), processed to get rid of unnecessary fluids and to concentrate the stem cells and associated growth factors, and then threaded under the surface of the skin to “plump” up the hands and hide unsightly veins and tendons.

The hand rejuvenation procedure takes a little over an hour, and is usually done under light IV sedation (“twilight”). Pain after the procedure is usually minimal: none to very little in the hands, and mild in the donor site.  There is usually little if any bruising, but there is some swelling. We advise keeping the hands at or above the level of the heart when possible for a few days after the procedure to help the swelling resolve. The instruments we use to place the fat are so small, that there is no need for stitches in the hands, but there may be one or two in the donor site.

It will take a couple of months before the last bits of swelling are gone and you can see the final contours of your hands. However, grafted fat continues to work on the skin for years to come, softening, thickening, improving texture and tone, and even decreasing redness and discoloration.

Younger hands are now more affordable. Call us to schedule a consultation at 212 571-5200.

Hand Rejuvenation
Back of hands before (above) and three years after (below) Coleman fat grafting in a 48 year old woman. Note the subtle filling combined with the skin thickening dramatically obscures the tendons as well as lessening the wrinkling up onto the fingers.
Hand Rejuvenation Closeup
Close-ups of opposite hand in the patient seen above before (above) and three years after (below) Coleman fat grafting with remarkably improved quality of skin. Note how subtle filling makes the knuckles appear less arthritic, by changing the relative proportions of the hand.

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