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Dr Sydney Coleman Lectures on LipoStructure Worldwide

Posted March 09, 2011 in Coleman Technique for Fat Grafting, Dr. Sydney R. Coleman, Fat Grafting, Fat Grafting Research, News

Although the technique of fat grafting that Dr. Coleman introduced in the early 1990’s was a powerful tool, he is constantly working to improve the technique.  Over the last six years, Dr. Coleman has refined his version of fat grafting to not only create a more predictable fullness, but also to regenerate aging, radiation-damaged, sun-damaged and scarred skin much more dependably.

Dr. Coleman is currently participating in research at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and NYU Langone Medical Center, as well as collaborating with several foreign projects.  He is committed to improving the care of patients by constantly striving to advance our knowledge of fat grafting and especially of its regenerative potential.  Today’s version of Coleman fat grafting is more reliable compared to ten years ago, or even four or five years ago.

As a result of the improvements in the Coleman technique, he  has been teaching a great deal recently all over the world.  We recently updated on his blog almost two years of the lectures, panels, conferences, seminars, and workshops he has given Worldwide.  We are proud of his contributions to plastic surgery and medicine as he continues to advance and study the use of fat grafting. Please click on “Recent Lectures Given by Sydney Coleman MD” for a list of the lectures.